Our Commitment

Our trusted team of professional tradesman deliver high calibre craftsmanship that Jamie Shaw Building guarantees for quality.

Our Commitment to You

We know how vital your home is to you because we feel the same things about our homes. They’re places we’re all deeply connected to. So, we approach each build as if we’re building it for ourselves. The fact that most of our new work comes from referrals of satisfied clients speaks volumes about the pride we take in our craft.

We Guarantee

Open Site Policy

This is your home, feel free to come and check out the progress any time you like.

Great Communication

We will follow up all meetings to make sure both parties are clear about what is going on and keep you informed about your timeline.

High Quality Standards

All of Jamie Shaw Building workers follow our strict quality assurance checks, so you can be confident that there will be no surprises with the quality of workmanship.

Reliable, Quality Subcontractors

Jamie Shaw has built solid relationships with expert subcontractors. All the subcontractors we use have been checked and approved by Jamie. Jamie Shaw Building accepts only the highest standard of work from all our subcontractors.

Final Inspection Check

Jamie Shaw Building will do a thorough inspection with you within 10 days of completion date. We will then put right any problems, if any, that you may have within 60 days.

7 Year Master Build Guarantee

Jamie Shaw Building offer a 7 year master build guarantee so you can continue to be secure in the knowledge that even after the building process if there was a problem to arise you are covered easily and reliably.