At Jamie Shaw Building, we aim to deliver the finest services to our clients. Each project is important to us and you’ll find we give 100% to ensuring your new build, renovation, or extension is exactly what you’re after

Award-Winning Custom Home Builders

Jamie’s a young builder from Nowra who wants to lift the standard of custom homes on the South Coast. He’s seen too many cookie-cutter houses delivered by huge companies building project homes for the mass market. You’re more individual than that, which demands more individualised service, custom-design and building to award-winning standards.

Simply put, Jamie and his team consider every build an opportunity to showcase their skills. Since they’re proud of their craftsmanship, they set high standards and aim to exceed them. Nothing gives them greater pleasure than seeing your smiles when you first inspect your new home.

Jamie’s passionate about quality, so he only employs people who match his commitment. His crew shares his values – there are no half-measures or shortcuts, no compromises when it comes to their building. They do it right, use the best materials and techniques and produce a result that will stand the test of time.

When they give 100% to make your build exactly what you want, they’re building a local future for themselves and their families. Quality craftspeople will always be in demand.

Our Awards