Jamie Shaw Building creates beautiful custom homes in the Shoalhaven region. We know how overwhelming the process of designing and building your home can be – including learning the lingo!

Here are just a few useful terms to help you:

Foundations and Footings

The below-ground part of a building, designed to hold up and hold together your house. Do you want a suspended floor, with space beneath, or a concrete slab?

Bearers, Joists and Rafters

Parallel beams for supporting floors and ceilings (rafters) in a suspended floor home, and the top floor of a two-storey slab floor home.


The degree of inclination of a roof, ceiling or stairs. Roof pitch can be between 18 and 35 degrees, and has a big visual impact on your home.


The horizontal board that caps the ends of rafters and gables outside your house, used to hold the rain gutter. You can match paint and gutter colours.


The extension of the roof over the walls, providing shade. Eaves are usually lined with fibre cement and can vary in width.


A construction extending horizontally beyond its vertical support, providing extra space with no addition to the footprint.


A sheet of thin, impervious material used to prevent water penetration or seepage into a building and to direct the flow of moisture in walls.


A decorative trim covering the joint between walls and ceiling. A sharp and stylish finish can be to have no cornice.


A boxlike structure that neatly covers ducting or closes in a space, e.g. over kitchen cabinets or a stairwell.


The framing around doors and windows. Use your choice of timber or paint colour to suit your style.

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