Here at Jamie Shaw Building we believe in excellent quality and design.

We offer the following services:
– New Home Designs
– Custom New Homes
– Home Renovations
– Home Extensions. 

Based on the marvellous South Coast, we are situated in Nowra and work in all areas from Ulladulla to Kiama. Jamie Shaw Building is dedicated to serving the local area with outstanding craftsmanship. We want to be the building company you remember when you gaze at your new empty block or fixer-upper. Home extensions can radically transform your home – if your home needs an upgrade, we are your people.

There are many reasons why you may choose to do a home extension – here are 7 to consider.

Reason 1: Larger Home

One of the most obvious reasons is creating a larger home. Extending your home can add extra bedrooms, an extra living room, a larger kitchen, an extra bathroom, a new entertainment area, or even a home bar. The room is your oyster.

Reason 2: Increased Valuation

A home extension is an investment. Extending your home can significantly increase how much your property is worth. 

Reason 3: Work Space

Extensions can also come in the form of granny flats. Building a granny flat can be used to bring in more income – whether it’s used as a home office, a beauty salon, rented out, or even a child care facility. 

Reason 4: Cheaper Than Moving

Households can increase at any given time. Whether your plan is to have more children, more roommates, foster, or take in relatives, home extensions are a cheaper and more effective alternative to moving.

Reason 5: New Home Feel

You don’t need to move homes or knock-down-rebuild to have a new home feel. A home extension really does make your home feel new: it’s an opportunity to create a better flow from room to room, and it’s full of new home energy and fresh smells.

Reason 6: Storage

Do you have a problem with cluttering?  Do you hold onto all your stuff because it has sentimental value? Extending your home’s storage gives you the chance to de-clutter and get creative with furniture and decorations.

Reason 7: Home Gym

It comes as no surprise that some people either don’t have the time to travel to a gym or feel uncomfortable going to a gym. Extending your home has the added benefit of turning that space into a home gym so you can workout in the comfort of your own home.

Jamie Shaw Building offers excellent services to the South Coast. Nowra is our home – and we want to make your home even better.

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