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Jamie Shaw Building creates beautiful, comfortable homes in the Shoalhaven region – from Kiama to Nowra to Ulladulla. We work with you to build features into your home that maximise comfort and minimise bills. Here are some ideas.

  1. Heating and Cooling
    • If possible, orient your new home to face North. This will collect Winter sun and reduce the impact of westerly sun in Summer.
    • Insulate your roof space well, to reduce indoor heat by about 35%.
  2. Efficient Appliances
    • Look for 4-5 star ratings on your electrical appliances to save on power.
    • Look for 4-5 star water ratings on washing machines to save water.
  3. Solar
    • Solar power offers the opportunity to use the sun, and not the electricity grid, to power a hot water system or even your whole home.

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